Full Set
$40+ / $55+ with Gel
$30+ / $45+ with Gel
Dipping Powder
Full Set Dipping
Gel X
$65+ / XL size $70
Builder Gel (Hard Gel)
Tap Gel (Poly Gel)
Tap Gel (With tip)
Tap Gel (Fill)


$25 / $40 with Gel
Deluxre Manicure

*Paraffin Wax, Hot Towels + extra massage

$40 / $55 with Gel
Buffer Shine
French Tip
Deep HD French Tip


Express Pedicure

Nails trim, Cuticle treatment, Massage with Towels + Polish

$35 / $50 with Gel

Callus removal (+$5)

Signature Pedicure

Nails trim, Cuticle treatment, Sugar Scrub, Callus Removal, Foot Mask, Hot Towels, Massage with Hot Stones + Polish

$48 / $63 with Gel
Supreme Deluxe Pedicure

Express Pedicure, Soak with Fine Salt, Sugar Scrub and Foot Mask with Hot Towels, Massage with organic lotion and 4 Hot Stones includes Callus Removal

$60 / $75 with Gel

*Extra massage

Royal Deluxe Pedicure

Most popular high-end is medicated pedicure

$70 / $85 with Gel

Include CBD* exfoliating scrub, CBD foot mask with hot towel, Massage with CBD lotion and 4 Hot Stones, Paraffin wax and Callus Removal

*Extra massage

*CBD (Cannabidiol): contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that may alleviate chronic pain. Additionally, some studies suggest CBD may help alleviate symptoms of mental health concerns like depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Jelly Pedicure

The most famous relaxing pedicure in the world

$85 / $100 with Gel

Let’s soak your feet in the big jelly bowl

  • You can feel a warm cloud covering your legs and toes, then enjoy them in 5mins
  • Then started with an Organic Pedicure, including Exfoliating scrub with fresh orange, Foot mask with Hot towel, Callus removal, Lotion, Paraffin wax

*Extra 10 minutes massage with 4 Hot Stones


Full Face
Full Chest
Under Arm
Half Arm
Half Leg
Bikini Wax

Other Services

Polish Change (Hand)
$15 / $30 with Gel
Polish Change (Feet)
$18 / $30 with Gel

Kid Services

Mani / Pedi
Polish Change Hand
Polish Change Toes

Prices vary depending on length, time, shapes, or surface area